Compassion 479

Compassion 479 (formerly Compassion NWA) exists to fund our choice food pantry, Feed 479. Established in 2011, located at 3157 W. Sunset in Springdale, our 10,000 sq. ft. showroom provides Northwest Arkansas the opportunity to purchase clean, gently used apparel, accessories, home décor and furniture providing resources for feeding the food insecure.

Each donation and every purchase help the hungry and hurting in Northwest Arkansas.

Compassion 479 also provides services beyond our pantry, such as:

In 2022, we started a partnership with CCFAM, a local foster and adoption organization. We served families by providing food, a suitcase full of hand-selected clothes to fit individual needs, and backpacks filled with personal hygiene items along with books, bibles, and blankets for each child.

In 2023, we added similar services for those recently released from incarceration through our partnership with Returning Home.

In 2024, we announced a new service providing, free of charge and on a loan basis, clean lightly used medical equipment like wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, bathroom equipment, and transfer seats.

Compassion 479 takes an army of volunteers to make the daily operation a possibility. To volunteer please visit

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